Saturday, March 7, 2009

Report server for ClearQuest

The new way of Reporting with ClearQuest 7.1

The Report Server for ClearQuest is a new Web application bundled with Clearquest 7.1 that supports running, managing, and sharing of data-pull reports created by using the ClearQuest Reporting Driver and the BIRT or Crystal Reports reporting systems.

Data-pull reports are new with ClearQuest 7.1, earlier versions of ClearQuest supported only data-push reports.

Key advantages of data-pull model
  • Data-pull model allows reports to be built from multiple data sources and data sets. With data-push model, reports are limited to a single ClearQuest query.
  • The user has more choices for reporting systems: Eclipse™ BIRT and Business Objects® Crystal Reports®.
Key Features of Report Server of Clearquest
  • Manage Reports
    • Upload report designs
    • Organize reports in folders
  • Share Reports
    • Share a report to make it visible to everyone who has access to the Report Server for IBM Rational ClearQuest on which the report is stored.
    • Email Reports to selected users
  • Support for Eclipse™ BIRT reporting system
    • Rich Charting Capabilities
    • Support for drill down reports
    • Save parameter values along with report design to create Report Queries
    • Save snapshots of generated reports
    • Export generated reports as a PDF or Microsoft word document.
  • Support for Business Objects® Crystal Reports® reporting system
    • Crystal viewer is used to render the reports.
    • Rich Charting Capabilities
  • Manage Users
    • Report Server for Clearquest allows you to grant access to all or only a few selected ClearQuest users.