Monday, December 19, 2011

Active JDT Committers

In my talks on JDT I generally include a slide with the above image. I thought I should also write a post and include the following bits of (interesting) information about the committers.
  • JDT committers are spread over 3 continents, 4 countries and 5 cities.
  • More than half (6 out of 11) of active committers are based out of Bangalore, India.
  • Dani and Olivier have been there since the very beginning of Eclipse, and Markus has been a JDT committer since 2003.
  • Srikanth has been working on compilers and related technology forever.
  • In all eight to nine languages can be spoken in the team. Even the commiters in Bangalore speak many different languages, for instance I can communicate in my mother tongue, Hindi, only with Ayush. Hence, we pretty much communicate in English :-)
  • Unfortunately the team is dominated by men with Raksha being the only member of the fairer sex.
  • Ayush at 24 is the youngest committer in the team and I come a close second at 25. 


  1. I'm curious:
    Hindi, English, French, German... what else?

    Is 'Switzerd├╝tsch' the ninth language?! ;)

  2. @Marcel: you forgot 'java', which we all speak :)

  3. Almost each Indian state has its own language :-) In the JDT Bangalore team we have Kannada, Tamil, Telugu for sure. I think one or two committers also speak Malayalam.

    Yup, I counted German and Switzerd├╝tsch separately.