Sunday, October 31, 2010

e4 - Eclipse 4.x - Second Impression

I have been using the latest builds of Eclipse 4.x SDK for my daily work for the last 6 weeks. The overall stability has improved gradually, and the NPEs are quite rare now. Some of the bugs I filed were also fixed  quite quickly during M3 - Bug 325834 , Bug 327154. But there are still a few things which must work but don't.
  • Ability to customize a perspective (Bug 320478)
  • Ability to set or change key bindings (Bug 317299)
  • Plus I am a bit confused about the 'Editor Area' introduced in 4.1 M3. Does this mean I should not create multiple editor stacks? Should I create multiple editor stacks only in the editor area? Will this editor area continue to take extra space as it does in M3? In 3.x we had a editor only area, are we going back towards that? M4 is supposed to have a more polished implementation of the 'Editor area', I will wait for that.
I am also hoping that Editor tab rendering could be improved significantly in Eclipse 4.x (Bug 325422).