Thursday, November 5, 2009

JavaScript Development Toolkit (JSDT) – Getting Started

What is JSDT?
  • A JavaScript IDE for Eclipse based on the Java Development Tools (JDT)
  • Has many of the rich editing features of JDT, facilities for error detection and correction, detailed flow analysis etc
How to get it?
  • As part of Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (since Eclipse 3.4)

  • By adding ‘Web tools platform’ to plain Eclipse

  • Also part of Rational Application Developer (RAD)
Pain Points in JavaScript Development
  • Text editor, firebug and browser refresh were the best tools available
  • Minimal content assist
  • Minimal static validation
  • No refactoring support
  • No source code navigation support
JSDT Library mechanism
  • Library mechanism to manage common objects, variables, and types in a project
  • JSDT library : prototyped object/class definitions and JSDoc
  • Prepackaged libraries
  • User defined libraries

  • Content assistance

  • Script validation and error detection

  • Quick Fix

  • Refactoring

  • Same-word highlighting

  • Source code navigation

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