Monday, May 2, 2011

Eclipse JDT and Java 7

Will Eclipse 3.7 include support for Java 7?
Short answer: No
Slightly longer answer: "Due to late availability of JSR-292 (Invoke Dynamic) and JSR-334 (Project Coin) and due to the official release date (July 28, 2011) of Java 7 being after 3.7 ships we had to defer the Java 7 support to 3.7.1. It has not yet been decided whether this will be available as part of the 3.7.1 downloads or as separate feature update.

The work for the Java 7 features is currently in progress in the 'BETA_JAVA7' branch and we will deliver separate updates for the stable builds in order to provide early access to the Java 7 features for interested parties."
See bug 288548.

What is the current status of support for Java 7 in JDT ?
Take a look at the wiki page:

I want to try some of the new features of Java 7 in Eclipse
At this point in time you will need to
  • Create a new CVS repository location to:
  • Check out the following projects from BETA_JAVA7 branch:
    • org.eclipse.jdt.core
    • org.eclipse.jdt.ui
  • Launch another eclipse application from this workspace or export the two plugins into the host eclipse.
  • Of course you will also need to install a JDK7 build as an installed JRE.

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