Saturday, July 28, 2012

Going back to school

After working at IBM for 5 years, I am going back to school. August 10th is my last day as a 'full-time' JDT committer, after which I head to University of British Columbia for Masters in Computer Science. I am looking forward to spending two fun-filled years in Vancouver. :-)

It has been fun contributing to Eclipse so far, and in my free time I will likely continue to contribute. So, I will not actually say 'Good bye'.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eclipse Tip: Stepping into selection and hyperlink debugging

The Java debugger allows you to step into a single method within a series of chained or nested method calls. Simply select the method you wish to step into and select Step into Selection from the Java editor context menu. I prefer to use the shortcut Ctrl+F5.

You can also step into a method by using hyperlink navigation. Simply place the cursor over the method you wish to step into and use Ctrl+Alt+Click to step into the method (rather than Ctrl+Click which will navigate to the source code).