Thursday, April 28, 2011

JDT at Eclipse Day India

Satyam and I will be speaking at Eclipse Day India 2011 in Bangalore next week. We have one session JDT Bootcamp. This session consists of two parts. 

JDT - Tips and Tricks (30 min) - In the first 30 mins we will show off useful tips and tricks when working with JDT and Eclipse in general such as tricks in content assist, Java Editor tips, code navigation and debugging aids. 

Extending JDT (60 min) - In the next one hour, we will take you through APIs and extension points that JDT exposes to enable you to extend and customize the Java tooling. Using these APIs, one could create their own cleaunps, refactorings, quick fixes and other utilities.

You may also be interested in Ayush's talk What's new in Java 7 (30 min). This talk intends to describe new features of Java 7 such as switch on strings, binary integral literals and underscores in numeric literals, multi-catch and precise rethrow, diamond, try with resources, etc. The talk will also be interesting to those who want to know the status of Java 7 work in Eclipse compiler.

The three of us will be around the whole day, and would love to answer any questions or get into interesting discussions around JDT :)

See you at Eclipse Day!

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