Saturday, September 18, 2010

e4 - Eclipse 4.0 : First Impression

Looks a bit funny

Off is On and On is Off - I saw that Build Automatically was Off so I switched it On, and then my code changes had no effect... few minutes later I realized that if something is turned Off in the UI, it may mean that it is actually turned On! e.g.Mark Occurrences, Build Automatically.  Or in the case of 'Edit > Smart Insert Mode' I cannot even toggle it.

Layout and minimized Views - I like the overall layout and the fact that I can put views in the editor area. I also like the way when minimized views are selected they open in a pop-up sort of a way. Overall the UI/layout feels nice.

Custom Key Bindings - mmh...

Order of menu and toolbar items - The ordering of items in menus and toolbars can be a bit different from 3.x versions. e.g. navigate menu, run/debug toolbar
I can use it for my daily work, except for some minor glitches and some funny behavior I have been able to use it for last few days. And I do like the layout, mixing of editors and views, and the overall feel of the UI to not go back to 3.x (at least for now).

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  1. Deepak, thanks for your interest (and comments). We expect to fix many (if not most) of these before M3 comes out.

    If you *ever* find something that you think needs immediate attention (i.e. may prevent you or others from using 4.1 please open a defect, it'll get prompt attention.

    Eric Moffatt