Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monitoring and Allocating Users Across Projects in Rational Team Concert

Most views and reports in Rational Team Concert (RTC) are project centric. They give information about a particular project, its members and their utilization and various other facades. So far so good. But what if you wanted to maximize your resource (user) utilization across projects from within RTC. Who should the project manager pick up to assign to a new task?

Few custom reports can be created to provide a resource centric view of RTC.

Resource Assignment
This report gives how various resources are assigned to various projects. Essentially this report gives the overall 'Load' (as defined in the User admin page of RTC) for all users across all projects.

Resource Utilization
This report gives you how the users are utilized across projects. It shows one value for a user by doing a weighted average, with the weights being the user assignment in percentage.

Resource Utilization for a user for one project = Work Assigned (Hrs) in the project/ Total time (Hrs) available for the project

Resource Utilization per User
This will give a breakdown of resource utilization of a particular user.
Task Card
Users can use this Task card to see all their workitems across all projects.

Discussion and Downloads
The detailed discussion on these is captured in an RTC workitem on The report designs can also be downloaded from there.
Create a report to see user utilization across all projects in the repository (100997)

  • These reports also deal with massive amounts of data and hence can be a bit slow.
  • They also span across multiple project areas which can have different timelines, hence the reports may or may not suit your needs. If the timelines are aligned, then these reports should work without problems.
  • These have been tested with RTC

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